Discussion on being a female in the sports world

From coach to athlete, to wife or mom, to every professional working in the world of sports

The sports world is a male dominated culture. That is not wrong or bad, but it can sometimes really be tough being a female in this realm. Opportunities for females have greatly increased, especially since Title IX was enacted in 1972. For this we are incredibly grateful as sports can and do play a huge factor in the development of many female lives.

Increased opportunity however has not necessarily meant challenges for females involved in the world of sports have decreased. It has not necessarily meant the female athlete has an increased joy in participating. It has not necessarily meant the woman who coaches, the wife of the husband who coaches, or the mom of the kid(s) in sports knows how to properly understand and navigate issues that arise within the sports culture for the betterment of her marriage, family and other relationships. It has not necessarily meant females have been treated as well as their male counterparts in the same positions and professions.

Whether it is proven through any ignorant behavior or unfair treatment toward the athlete, coach, wife or mom, or through smaller salaries and budgets, less employment opportunities, less and/or inappropriate media coverage, less voice in discussable matters, or other avenues on the career side, females can still be, or at least feel, misrepresented, misunderstood, unheard or undervalued. In the end, this both silences us from being who we were meant to be and empowers us to destroy men from being the men they were meant to be.

What’s the solution? What does it mean to be treated fairly? Or have equal opportunity? What does it look like to be well represented, understood, heard and valued? That’s what we are here to discuss because it will not always mean and look like what the surrounding culture has taught.

The problem isn’t just men. It also isn’t just women. It’s with both of us, and the solution rests in this: reconciled relationships. This will happen when how we choose to view, participate in, and respond to the sports culture comes from an absolute, eternal, and unchanging truth. This truth exists outside of ourselves but has the ability to penetrate and free individual lives and group cultures from the inside out, forever.

Join us as we further hash this out, addressing many different roles and situations women, young and old, face within the sports world where this problem and solution play out. We desire to see the male dominated sports culture be a culture where men can be men to their fullest and women can be women to their fullest while they also work together for the good of each other and those around them in the midst of good and bad, controllable and uncontrollable circumstances.

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