The Story

“Other people HAVE to know Christ. They have to experience him for who He really is.” This was the result of an encounter with God Kristina Waltman had during her freshmen year of college. It led her to change her major from Athletic Training to Sports Ministry and add a minor in Coaching. It also began a journey of confronting more sin in her life she had been blinded to as well as taking on different ministry opportunities.

After graduating, with her passion for sports and ministry, she became an area representative for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Fort Wayne, IN, working with coaches and athletes. Within just six months the Lord placed on her heart to develop ministry that reached females in sports in deeper ways. She worked on this when she had time but it wasn’t until Denise Cheviron was placed in her life almost two years later that things really began to take root and develop.

Once a passion always a passion. "Sports," in almost every context rings true to Denise. God began growing the passion through playing many sports during her teen years and volleyball in college. It continued in the coaching realm for seven years, being the wife of a football coach for 30 years, and the mother to three daughters playing sports. After a summer of international sports ministry, God impressed upon her heart His plan to pay forward the passion through reaching out to females in sports.

These two stories collided in September of 2014 when Denise and Kristina met at a small downtown Starbucks in Fort Wayne, IN. Besides a difference in national and international focus, the vision and passion towards ministering to females in sports was identical.

From there they kept meeting, and God kept bringing piece after piece together to form a ministry that does just that. Winning Women launched a year later in August 2015 at Indiana Tech in Fort Wayne, IN, where 18 women gathered to be a part of casting Winning Women’s vision.

Now, Denise and Kristina are still meeting at that downtown Starbucks, and elsewhere, serving in and developing this ministry as the Holy Spirit leads them, praising God for all He has already done and trusting Him with wherever He continues to take them.


Kristina Waltman

Kristina is married to her husband, Kaleb, and has one son, Elisha. She grew up in Madison, WI, was a competitive athlete in multiple sports through her senior year of high school, attended Indiana Wesleyan University, and now lives in Fort Wayne, IN. There she serves as a part-time Area Representative for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and is a stay-at-home mom. Her passion is seeing people, men and women alike, experience the love, truth and grace of Christ, find freedom and hope in the midst of trial and adversity, and live out of that in every aspect of their lives.

Denise Cheviron

Denise is married to her husband, Mike, and has three beautiful daughters, Molly, Melissa and Megan. She lives in Fort Wayne, IN, and works as a Buildings Instructor at Memorial Park Middle School. She has been a collegiate athlete, volleyball coach, football coach's wife, mom of athletes and a volunteer worker in the world of sports through FCA, Winning Women and other international ministry. Her passion resides in sports and encouraging and mentoring young adults, coaches and athletes in their faith and sports journey.

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