In the life: With palms wide open


Here is a bit of my life – the journey – God has given me. Recently, I was asked by the women’s ministry group at the church I am presently attending, to share my journey. After I accepted, I began to think and contemplate all the seasons of life God has had me go through. Once I began to write them down, I clarified how much time there would be for me to share. The good hour to an hour and a half seemed to be more than enough time to share the journey. 

The longer I thought and began to jot down events and times in my life, the more I thought that time- frame would not be enough. One important factor to this realization is that I have lived more than half a century on this earth. Let me just share right now that more important than any portion of the journey I am on is the fact that I believe it is extremely important for all of us to take time out and reflect on the events/seasons of our life that create our journey. When we pause to look back at God’s incredible care and love for us through the high mountain top experiences to the very low valley moments and then again to the mundane daily moments, we can be humbled and brought to an incredibly thankful place.  My life is ultimately God’s life. My advice is do not wait until you have lived as long as I have. :) 

Obviously, I have reflected many times over the years, but those seemed to be more in isolation. To say God has been with me in every step of the way holds more truth than words can describe. Something I most recently discovered that has transformed my thinking is to keep my palms wide open. Nearly four years ago, God had me at a place that beckoned me to do such a thing. The biggest blessing was He also called my husband to this same place in life. At this pivotal time in our lives, we found ourselves at a place where we finally realized WE have no control over our journey. This may not come across as that profound because if you have walked with God and been in any Bible study or church community, this nugget of truth has been heard many, many times. I had heard it too; however, God in His infinite mercy and grace extended this truth one more time.

The freedom one can find in ultimately surrendering the perceived “right” we think we have to control (in even the slightest way) the direction and next steps we take (even though we “say” we have given that over to God), the more we deceive ourselves and miss the experience of true freedom in Christ. God truly works in, through, and with us. We do not need to work FOR Him but WITH Him. He already has it planned. To continue in our journey, we need to keep our palms wide open. Do not clench them for one minute. If you do, as quickly as you can, open them wide. This way He gets the glory and not us.

I would be lying if I said that I never clench my fists, but if I do it for too long of a period, life becomes miserable. Will you join me in listening to the truth of God’s ultimate control and reign? Experience a journey like no other. You can do it if you keep your palms wide open!



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