His Program is my program

I was born and raised in Fort Wayne, IN. Growing up I played sports; soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball. They were just what we did as a family. I graduated from Carroll High School in 1995 where I played volleyball (4 years), basketball (2 years) and softball (4 years). I wanted to play college volleyball, but my awesome 5’3” height didn’t quite lead to any big school offers. J I’m pretty sure I visited every small Christian college in the Midwest but felt like God was leading me to Manchester College. Good news was I could play volleyball all four years there. I also got a great education and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education with endorsements in Middle School Science and Social Studies.

After college, I was blessed to find a job back in my home district at Carroll Middle School and then Maple Creek Middle school. I taught Science first and then Social Studies. I coached volleyball at the middle school level and as the freshmen coach at Carroll High School. I also coached Reserve and was the Varsity Assistant Softball Coach. I even coached middle school track for a season.

When I was young and had my “list” of all I wanted in a future husband, silly enough, football coach was on that list. Apparently, God agreed because I met my husband through coaching. Nico was coaching football while I was coaching volleyball at Maple Creek. He was an elementary PE teacher in the district. We hit it off and got married less than a year later. Eventually, he too moved to teaching and coaching at Carroll High School. This is how I began my “coach’s wife” role. We’ve been married 12 years and now have 3 kids; Eli (10), Zeb (7), and Mila (5). Not surprisingly, they are all active in sports.

When I was that young naïve girl who put “football coach” on her list, I had no idea how that role would bring me so much joy, stress, pride, nervousness, and love, sometimes all in one game! And it’s this role that has changed our lives dramatically this year. God blessed my husband with the opportunity to be the head coach at Heritage High School. He took the job along with teaching at that school—a school not “our” school of Carroll and not “our” district of Northwest. In other words, he took a job outside my comfort zone! Soon after, a teaching job for me opened at the same school, teaching the same classes I did before. We believed God was calling us to Heritage, so we went.

I’d love to say the transition has been painless and that our first season as the head of a program we won a lot, but that didn’t happen. That’s not to say it has been a horrible year either. It’s been a growing experience for both of us as teachers, coaches, a family, and as followers of God. We see God moving in our lives, in our school, and in our football program.

As a coach’s wife, it’s my program too. While I may not draw up the X’s and O’s with my husband, our family is invested in this program. We give up our time with each other for lifting, practices and games. We spend lots of time at Heritage events supporting our football athletes as family. We buy shirts when families can’t. We provide homecoming treats. We tutor and give study help. We love on these kids the best and most practical way we know how. And of course, we pray for them. We pray for their health, their education, and their relationships.

ALL OF THIS is my role as a coach’s wife and ALL OF THIS is a ministry. God has placed us at Heritage to do big things for HIM! If that means we win conference championships and sectional titles, AWESOME (and of course we all hope we do). But right now, as we build a program, if being here is going to get a kid the clothes he needs, the study help so he can graduate, the love and accountability to make him a man of character, then we ABSOLUTELY will call that a win—a win for Heritage, a win for the student-athlete, and we think a win for God!

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

We believe Heritage is our purpose, and we love God. So through it all, it will all work out for the good of God's Kingdom!




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