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His Victory in my defeat

Fifteen feet from the finish line, I collapsed. Not exactly an ideal finish for your senior cross country season. I picked myself up in exhaustion and confusion as I barely stumbled to the final mark of my season...

Tags: Female Athletes, Endurance, True Success, Seeking God First

Enjoy today

Proverbs Chapter 31 contains all the ingredients of what it means to be a virtuous woman. Sometimes when I read it, I feel I have fallen so far short of what God has called me to be. I ask myself, how can I ever attain such a virtuous life?

Tags: Female Athletes, Female Coaches, Giving God Glory, Seeking God First, Finding Rest, Anxiety and Worry, Spiritual Health

The Fruits of the spirit at work...literally!

An athletic trainer isn’t the person who gets people in shape by creating workouts and nutrition plans. Rather, an athletic trainer is most often the first one on scene when an athlete is injured. We work to prevent injuries, but when they inevitably occur...

Tags: Female Professionals, Athletic Training, Renewing Mind, Seeking God First

Strength beyond the game

College applications, Friday nights with friends, prom. These are things that most seniors spend time worrying about...

Tags: Female Athletes, Injury or Illness, Giving God Glory, Seeking God First, Anxiety and Worry


As a people pleaser by nature, one area of frequent struggle I faced for 30 years as a coach’s wife was loneliness. At times it showed its ugly self in a variety of ways: traveling alone to a game, sitting alone at a game, going to bed alone...

Tags: Coaches Wives, Loneliness, Seeking God First

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