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Throughout my collegiate years, I struggled through unknown medical issues as I competed as a cross country and track athlete. I would get halfway through a race with normalcy and confidence, only to be zapped of energy in the second half. A strong stride would slip into...

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Blinded by november part 3: The Team around the team

I could often hear the parent on the other line with the first question of the evening, “Well…did you win?” which were followed by “how many goals did you score?” or “how many saves did you have?”. None of these statistics...

Tags: Female Coaches, Moms of Athletes, Anxiety and Worry, Performance, Motivation, True Success, Love of the Game

blinded by November Part 2: Coaching

If I said, “Our goal is to have zero turnovers and get the ball to this player,” we would turn the ball over after three passes. However, if I said, “Get a player up advantage by maintaining possession and get the ball to this player for the reward,” they would complete 8-10 passes flawlessly...

Tags: Female Coaches, Moms of Athletes, Performance, Pressure, Motivation

I care about how my kids look during their sporting events

When we were kids, my younger brother owned a sweatshirt with words on the front that read, “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you look playing the game.” Oddly enough, this statement was accompanied by a cartoon penguin wearing a baseball cap...

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Freedom over fear

There was little hope of catching the team in first, but there was great likelihood of being swallowed by the pack behind me. I knew if they caught me, it would be tough to hang on and out-kick them in the final laps of the race… so I ran for dear life...

Tags: Female Athletes, Pressure, Performance, Renewing Mind, Surrendering, True Success

destiny through identity

As a professional athlete, I can relate to the pressure of performance you might encounter in your sport, or your career. As you pursue excellence in what you do, it is easy to become wrapped up in the process of becoming great. It is easy to...

Tags: Female Athletes, Female Professionals, Identity, Pressure, Performance

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