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Blinded by november part 3: The Team around the team

I could often hear the parent on the other line with the first question of the evening, “Well…did you win?” which were followed by “how many goals did you score?” or “how many saves did you have?”. None of these statistics...

Tags: Female Coaches, Moms of Athletes, Anxiety and Worry, Performance, Motivation, True Success, Love of the Game

blinded by November Part 2: Coaching

If I said, “Our goal is to have zero turnovers and get the ball to this player,” we would turn the ball over after three passes. However, if I said, “Get a player up advantage by maintaining possession and get the ball to this player for the reward,” they would complete 8-10 passes flawlessly...

Tags: Female Coaches, Moms of Athletes, Performance, Pressure, Motivation

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