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IN THE LIFE: This category is a series of blogs written by the Winning Women founders sharing their lives and hearts with you. Check out their journey!

in the life: A different and unexpected path

I would now embark on a position that required fundraising and not moving back home. It wasn’t what my parents had in mind for me, but it was exactly...

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IN the life: A change of Heart

Entering the college years was a huge change. I lost everything that had “kept me on top” in high school. I was no longer playing sports competitively (intramurals does not cut it). I no longer had close friends by my side. I was no longer...

Tags: In the Life, Female Athletes, Moms of Athletes

In the life: my spot in the stands

“Sub her! She’s hit three balls out”! came the words of the parents of my daughter’s teammate toward my daughter...

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In the Life: Hidden underneath

I desperately wanted my small group leader to ask me more about the prayer request I had mentioned. I wanted someone to know I was struggling and care enough to press in and talk with me about it because they cared. But I was also afraid to...

Tags: In the Life, Female Athletes, Moms of Athletes

in the life: the hidden Girl in Sports

I knew there was more. I wanted more. More of God. More from myself and my efforts. I wanted to please God and others. I wanted to lead well and be successful. And I wanted to avoid conflict, discouragement, struggle, stress, negativity, etc. All of it made me feel like...

Tags: In the Life, Female Athletes, Moms of Athletes

In the life: With palms wide open

Nearly four years ago, God had me at a place that beckoned me to do such a thing. The biggest blessing was He also called my husband to this same place in life. At this pivotal time in our lives, we found ourselves at a place where we...

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In the Life: INtroduction

Hey there! Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time is share my life with others through sharing my story. The Lord has brought me a long way. I still absolutely have a very long way to go, with a lot of...

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