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A Legacy worth living

Legacy is a term used in athletics to define what we leave behind and are remembered for. In athletics, we strive to be that person who leaves a mark and is remembered for MVP’s and other awards, or a team remembered for winning the championship, or...

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Enjoy today

Proverbs Chapter 31 contains all the ingredients of what it means to be a virtuous woman. Sometimes when I read it, I feel I have fallen so far short of what God has called me to be. I ask myself, how can I ever attain such a virtuous life?

Tags: Female Athletes, Female Coaches, Giving God Glory, Seeking God First, Finding Rest, Anxiety and Worry, Spiritual Health

Running from worry

Anxiety and my running career used to be one in the same. I could count the number of times I didn’t throw up before a race in high school. I was a year-round cross country and track athlete that worked hard and often succeeded. I longed for...

Tags: Female Athletes, Anxiety and Worry, Giving God Glory, Surrendering

Strength beyond the game

College applications, Friday nights with friends, prom. These are things that most seniors spend time worrying about...

Tags: Female Athletes, Injury or Illness, Giving God Glory, Seeking God First, Anxiety and Worry

My Faith Journey as a Female, African American Sports Agent Starting an Agency

Capture Sports Agency is the sports agency I just recently started in Fort Wayne, IN, from the ground up. The agency represents men and women basketball players who are interested in playing overseas. Most people in the sports agent world are for the money...

Tags: Female Professionals,Sports Agent, Giving God Glory, Commitment

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