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Throughout my collegiate years, I struggled through unknown medical issues as I competed as a cross country and track athlete. I would get halfway through a race with normalcy and confidence, only to be zapped of energy in the second half. A strong stride would slip into...

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how do you intentionally engage others?

I could tell there was a girl who was quiet and not fully present to what we were doing. Challenge accepted. I was determined to find a way to connect with her. I could tell...

Tags: Female Coaches, Female Professionals, Moms of Athletes, Community, Loneliness

Blinded by november Part 1: Youth sports affect athletes at every age

“Go to the NCAA tournament!”, “Win the conference!”, “Shut out opponents in the championship!”, “Be the #1 seed!”, would be the goals the team shouted out in our meeting as I scribbled their answers on the white board. “Okay, great. Great goals. But...”

Tags: Female Coaches, Female Professionals, Moms of Athletes, True Success

destiny through identity

As a professional athlete, I can relate to the pressure of performance you might encounter in your sport, or your career. As you pursue excellence in what you do, it is easy to become wrapped up in the process of becoming great. It is easy to...

Tags: Female Athletes, Female Professionals, Identity, Pressure, Performance

A Legacy worth living

Legacy is a term used in athletics to define what we leave behind and are remembered for. In athletics, we strive to be that person who leaves a mark and is remembered for MVP’s and other awards, or a team remembered for winning the championship, or...

Tags: Female Athletes, Female Coaches, Coaches Wives , Moms of Athletes, Female Professionals, True Success, Giving God Glory

The Fruits of the spirit at work...literally!

An athletic trainer isn’t the person who gets people in shape by creating workouts and nutrition plans. Rather, an athletic trainer is most often the first one on scene when an athlete is injured. We work to prevent injuries, but when they inevitably occur...

Tags: Female Professionals, Athletic Training, Renewing Mind, Seeking God First

When the race feels long

Have you ever felt like the demands of your schedule leave you constantly running?  Have you ever just yearned for a few hours of nothing to do, no place to be, and that long lost thing we call free time?...

Tags: Female Athletes, Female Coaches, Coaches Wives, Moms of Athletes, Female Professionals, Endurance, Finding Rest, Spiritual Health

My Faith Journey as a Female, African American Sports Agent Starting an Agency

Capture Sports Agency is the sports agency I just recently started in Fort Wayne, IN, from the ground up. The agency represents men and women basketball players who are interested in playing overseas. Most people in the sports agent world are for the money...

Tags: Female Professionals,Sports Agent, Giving God Glory, Commitment


The sports world is a male dominated culture. That is not wrong or bad, but it can sometimes really be tough being a female in this realm. Opportunities for females have greatly increased, especially since Title IX was enacted in 1972. For this we are incredibly grateful as sports can and do play a huge factor in ...

Tags: Female Athletes, Female Coaches, Coaches Wives, Moms of Athletes, Female Professionals

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