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IN THE LIFE: This category is a series of blogs written by the Winning Women founders sharing their lives and hearts with you. Check out their journey!

in the life: A different and unexpected path

I would now embark on a position that required fundraising and not moving back home. It wasn’t what my parents had in mind for me, but it was exactly...

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where is god in the losing?

We just ended year three of this HC (head coaching) gig. This was to be the year we turned the program around. My coach had high hopes, I had high hopes, and our team had high hopes! But as you can guess...

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Throughout my collegiate years, I struggled through unknown medical issues as I competed as a cross country and track athlete. I would get halfway through a race with normalcy and confidence, only to be zapped of energy in the second half. A strong stride would slip into...

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I am More than the number on the jersey

One day after school, I went to my coach’s office with my practice jerseys in hand. My heart was beating fast, I could feel the sweat start to form in my hand, and I knew I had to hold back tears. I explained to my coach...

Tags: Female Athletes, Commitment, Loneliness, True Success, Identity, Renewing Mind, Surrendering

Bringing christ into the locker room

Let me set the scene. We had just lost the Sweet 16 game by a heavy margin. This was the last time I’d get the pleasure of sharing a locker room with this team. As we were about to huddle up one last time...

Tags: Female Athletes, Female Coaches, Commitment, Community, Sports Ministry, True Success

IN the life: A change of Heart

Entering the college years was a huge change. I lost everything that had “kept me on top” in high school. I was no longer playing sports competitively (intramurals does not cut it). I no longer had close friends by my side. I was no longer...

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In the Life: Hidden underneath

I desperately wanted my small group leader to ask me more about the prayer request I had mentioned. I wanted someone to know I was struggling and care enough to press in and talk with me about it because they cared. But I was also afraid to...

Tags: In the Life, Female Athletes, Moms of Athletes

Freedom over fear

There was little hope of catching the team in first, but there was great likelihood of being swallowed by the pack behind me. I knew if they caught me, it would be tough to hang on and out-kick them in the final laps of the race… so I ran for dear life...

Tags: Female Athletes, Pressure, Performance, Renewing Mind, Surrendering, True Success

destiny through identity

As a professional athlete, I can relate to the pressure of performance you might encounter in your sport, or your career. As you pursue excellence in what you do, it is easy to become wrapped up in the process of becoming great. It is easy to...

Tags: Female Athletes, Female Professionals, Identity, Pressure, Performance

A Legacy worth living

Legacy is a term used in athletics to define what we leave behind and are remembered for. In athletics, we strive to be that person who leaves a mark and is remembered for MVP’s and other awards, or a team remembered for winning the championship, or...

Tags: Female Athletes, Female Coaches, Coaches Wives , Moms of Athletes, Female Professionals, True Success, Giving God Glory

His Victory in my defeat

Fifteen feet from the finish line, I collapsed. Not exactly an ideal finish for your senior cross country season. I picked myself up in exhaustion and confusion as I barely stumbled to the final mark of my season...

Tags: Female Athletes, Endurance, True Success, Seeking God First

in the life: the hidden Girl in Sports

I knew there was more. I wanted more. More of God. More from myself and my efforts. I wanted to please God and others. I wanted to lead well and be successful. And I wanted to avoid conflict, discouragement, struggle, stress, negativity, etc. All of it made me feel like...

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Enjoy today

Proverbs Chapter 31 contains all the ingredients of what it means to be a virtuous woman. Sometimes when I read it, I feel I have fallen so far short of what God has called me to be. I ask myself, how can I ever attain such a virtuous life?

Tags: Female Athletes, Female Coaches, Giving God Glory, Seeking God First, Finding Rest, Anxiety and Worry, Spiritual Health

Playing time is not my platform

The questioning only progressed as basketball season started. As an athlete, the transition from being a senior to being a freshman again is always a challenge. You jump right back down to the bottom of the totem pole. I got that reality check quickly as I...

Tags: Female Athletes, True Success, Commitment, Playing Time

Running from worry

Anxiety and my running career used to be one in the same. I could count the number of times I didn’t throw up before a race in high school. I was a year-round cross country and track athlete that worked hard and often succeeded. I longed for...

Tags: Female Athletes, Anxiety and Worry, Giving God Glory, Surrendering

The ministry of sports

Making it to your senior season is a big deal. There are many perks that come along with it. You are the oldest on the team and teammates look to you for leadership. Coaches want your input in making decisions. You no longer have to...

Tags: Female Athletes, Sports Ministry, True Success

When the race feels long

Have you ever felt like the demands of your schedule leave you constantly running?  Have you ever just yearned for a few hours of nothing to do, no place to be, and that long lost thing we call free time?...

Tags: Female Athletes, Female Coaches, Coaches Wives, Moms of Athletes, Female Professionals, Endurance, Finding Rest, Spiritual Health

Strength beyond the game

College applications, Friday nights with friends, prom. These are things that most seniors spend time worrying about...

Tags: Female Athletes, Injury or Illness, Giving God Glory, Seeking God First, Anxiety and Worry

THe Sport that became more than a game

I am a “retired” athlete. At least that is the name we jokingly give ourselves when we hang up our cleats, gym shoes, or whatever it might be after our competitive sports career ends. Truth is...

Tags: Female Athletes, Community, True Success


As an athlete growing up, it wasn’t uncommon for me to make many sacrifices to play the sport I loved. Missing my junior prom, spring break trips, school functions, and many weekends with friends...

Tags: Female Athletes, Female Coaches, Commitment, True Success


I was born in Chicago, Illinois. It took only a few years after I was born for my mother and her three children to move to a small city heading east to Elkhart, Indiana. Luckily, we already had family there so it made the transition a lot smoother. I noticed at a young age...

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The sports world is a male dominated culture. That is not wrong or bad, but it can sometimes really be tough being a female in this realm. Opportunities for females have greatly increased, especially since Title IX was enacted in 1972. For this we are incredibly grateful as sports can and do play a huge factor in ...

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