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where is god in the losing?

We just ended year three of this HC (head coaching) gig. This was to be the year we turned the program around. My coach had high hopes, I had high hopes, and our team had high hopes! But as you can guess...

Tags: Female Athletes, Female Coaches, Coaches Wives, Moms of Athletes, Community, Endurance, Prayer, True Success

how do you intentionally engage others?

I could tell there was a girl who was quiet and not fully present to what we were doing. Challenge accepted. I was determined to find a way to connect with her. I could tell...

Tags: Female Coaches, Female Professionals, Moms of Athletes, Community, Loneliness

Bringing christ into the locker room

Let me set the scene. We had just lost the Sweet 16 game by a heavy margin. This was the last time I’d get the pleasure of sharing a locker room with this team. As we were about to huddle up one last time...

Tags: Female Athletes, Female Coaches, Commitment, Community, Sports Ministry, True Success

In the life: my spot in the stands

“Sub her! She’s hit three balls out”! came the words of the parents of my daughter’s teammate toward my daughter...

Tags: In the Life, Moms of Athletes, Identity, Community

THE witness of a coach's wife

“What in the world is that coach thinking?” “Poor coaching is what lost that game for us.” “Is that coach even watching the same game we are?” “Does he even really care about these kids?” As a fan sitting in the bleachers at a game...

Tags: Coaches Wives, Moms of Athletes, Prayer, Community

THe Sport that became more than a game

I am a “retired” athlete. At least that is the name we jokingly give ourselves when we hang up our cleats, gym shoes, or whatever it might be after our competitive sports career ends. Truth is...

Tags: Female Athletes, Community, True Success

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