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Geared toward the high school athlete, the goal of the FCA Virtuous Woman curriculum is to present to women in the arena of athletics the privilege and challenge of learning and living out Biblical Womanhood in all areas of life. This goal is accomplished by introducing character traits found in female biblical characters they can model in their own personal life.

This is a question-driven small group Bible study which promotes discussion and guides participants to discover truth for themselves as they process questions and answers from the group. Click the links to download the leader and study guides for free!

Virtuous Woman - 11 weeks
Virtuous Woman - Integrity - 12 weeks
Virtuous Woman - Serving and Teamwork - 10 weeks
Virtuous Woman - Excellence - 10 weeks


Bold and Beautiful is a 10-session study aimed at college-aged female athletes that can be done preferably in a team or group setting.

By providing a biblical perspective on the issues faced by many female athletes; things like identity, body image, comparison, shame and control, we hope athletes will understand true beauty and how a strong and competitive spirit can be godly and feminine.

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In conjunction with this small group study is a 10-day devotional through YouVersion!

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JUST ASK: 21 Devotions for the Girl who Loves Sports

By Sarah Roberts

"This devotional book takes you into the lives of Bible characters and women of sports, sharing their stories to encourage you in yours. Join us on this journey as we Just Ask some hard questions we face as an athlete, as a girl, and as a child of God."

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SPIRITUAL RUNNER - Devotional book for runners

By: Jolee Paden

Included is 100+ devotionals with Scripture, prayers and encouragements to make you into the runner God created you to be.

We spend hours running because we experience tangible results. We do this for temporary glory, but soon enough we are left empty again--searching for more. Runners know the importance of self-discipline, accountability, dedication, planning and preparing, but we often miss the mark in pursuit of eternity. What if we took our running mentality and applied it to a faith that would bear fruit and true satisfaction? We could sweep the earth with the passionate message of the gospel one step at a time. God has given you a foundation of discipline and a platform of influence. How will you choose to pursue the Spiritual Runner?

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